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Author:Bullough, Bonnie
Title:Nursing. A Historical Bibliography
Publication data:New York 1981, 408 pp.
Descriptors:Bibliography/Female sexuality, primarily about females/Childhood/Nymphomania/Medicine/Gynaecology
Collection Editor:Bullough, Vern L. et al.
Collection title:An Annotated Bibliography of Homosexuality. 2 Vols.
Publication data:New York/London 1976, 405 pp.
Descriptors:Bibliography/Homosexuality/Sexology/Theory of sexuality/Prostitution/Psychiatry, psychopathology/Psychoanalysis, psychology/General overviews/Economy
Collection Editor:Bullough, Vern L./Deacon, M.
Collection title:A Bibliography of Prostitution
Publication data:New York 1977, 419 pp.
Descriptors:Bibliography/General overviews/Prostitution/Social or sociological aspects/Female sexuality, primarily about females/Violence/Legal system, sex laws, delinquency/Economy
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