Dieter Ferdinand Stiefel


         DieterFerdinand Stiefel

         born21.4.1946 in Linz/Austria

         married, 2 children

         Nationality: Austrian




         Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Dr. Dieter F. Stiefel

         Department for Economic and Social History

         And Department of Economics

         Vienna University

         Universitätsring 1

         A-1010Vienna, Austria





         1952 -1960 elementary school in Burghausen/Germany


         1960 -1966 apprenticeship and work in the hotel and restaurant trade in Germany ,France and Switzerland


         1966 -1968 preperation for the university entrance exam (Matura) in Vienna


         1968studies of economics and business adminstration at the "Hochschule für Welthandel "in Vienna

         1972Master`s degree social and economic sciences

         1974Doctor`s degree social and economic sciences

         1974Studies of history at Vienna University

         1978Doctor`s degree in philosophy



Professional Experience:


         1973 -1988 Assistant Professor and Lecturer in Social and Economic History at the "Department of Social and Economic History", University of Economics and Business Adminstration, Vienna


         1981Research Fellow Robinson College University Cambridge, England


         1986"Habilitation"in Social and Economic History, Thesis Titel: ”The Great Depression in a small country: Austria in the 1930s”


         1989Research Fellow    Center for European Studies Harvard University, Cambridge, USA


         2000Research Fellow Institute for European Studies University of California/Berkeley, USA


         Since1993 -full Professor of Social and Economic History at the "Department for Social and Economic History" and at the "Department of Economics" ,University Vienna


         Member of the Board of the "Austrian Society for Business History"(1986 - 1992)


         Founding Member and Director of the Vienna "Schumpeter Society"(since 1989)


         Founding Member and Coordinator of the Austrian Schumpeter Program at Harvard University/ Cambridge, USA (since 1990)


         Member of the Vienna Schumpeter Award Comittee (since 1991)


         Member of the Board of "Ludwig Boltzmann Institut for Economic History Analysis" ,Vienna (since 1992)


         Member of the General Board of the ESTER network, European graduate School for theTraining in Economic and Social Historical Research (since 1994)


         Member of the Academic Advisory Board “European Association for Banking and Financia History”, Frankfurt/Main


         Member of the Academic Advisory Board of “German Association for business History” ,Frankfurt/Main


         Member of the Academic Advisory Board “Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation”